Brian Mays Artist

Original paintings by Brian Mays

Brian Mays was born in Hull, Yorkshire, UK in 1938. Hull is a fishing port which was home to many of Britain's finest marine painters in the past, including John Ward, Henry Redmore, Frederick William Settle and Thomas Somerscales. Brian followed in that tradition. He gained a vast knowledge of the sea in all its different moods as a fisherman sailing on deep sea trawlers to the fishing grounds of Iceland, White Sea, Bear Island and Greenland.

Brian left deep sea fishing in order to join his family business which gave him the time to develop his love of painting. He specialised in classic yachts from the last half of the 19th and first half of the 20th century, especially America's Cup races and similar regattas from yachting's golden age.

His pictures are increasing rapidly in popularity and price and they hang in many private collections world wide.

Unfortunately, Brian Mays died a few years ago. These paintings are being offered at around half of what was the normal retail price.

Defender - Painting by Brian Mays


Painting by Brian Mays

Designer : Nathanael Greene Herreshoff
Builder : Herreshoff Manufacturing Company
1895: Victorious defender of the 1895 America's Cup

Defender is Nathanael Greene Herreshoff's second victorious defender. The boat is designed in the utmost secrecy and her construction shrouded in mystery. No one was allowed to enter the yard, especially not press or photographers.

In building Defender, the Herreshoff brothers' special innovation is the use of Aluminum. But, just after the boat is launched, is becomes evident that is suffers from a little known phenomenon: corrosion due to electrolysis. This type of construction allowed a weight saving of 17 tonnes over classical building methods.

During the defence selection trials, Defender sails against Vigilant, Volunteer and Jubilee. During the final, only Vigilant (1893) skippered Charlie Barr races against Defender. On August 10 Vigilant notches up a win. Defender does not finish due to rig problems. Defender strikes back on August 29 and 30 with two easy wins against Vigilant and is selected to defend the America's Cup against the British yacht Valkyrie III.

America's Cup: September 7 to 12, 1895, off New York

Defender races against Valkyrie III in the best of five series

Three different courses:
The first one: 15 miles to windward off Scotland Lightship and return.
The second one: equilateral triangle, 30 nautical miles
The third one: 15 miles to leeward and return from Sandy Hook Lightship.

Results: Defender beats Valkyrie III by three wins to nil

42" x 30"

Painting Ref: Defender



Endeavour - Painting by Brian Mays


Painting by Brian Mays

Designer : Charles E. Nicholson
Builder : Camper & Nicholsons
1934: Challenger, defeated in the 15th America's Cup by the defender Rainbow

Endeavour was defeated in the 1934 America's Cup by the defender Rainbow by a three to two score, one of the closest series in history. Endeavour raced the 1935 British yachting season when Yankee visited Europe winning nine times against eight wins for Yankee. Sold in 1936 to Herman A. Andreae.

In 1937, Endeavour, chartered by Andreae to Fred Sigrist and Philip Hall, made another passage to the US and won. Skippered by Captain Ted Heard, it handed Ranger one of its two losses in 1937.

Laid up at the Camper & Nicholson Gosport Yard in 1938 and then towed to a mud berth it was bought in 1947 by Charles Kiridge who sold her to Richard and Renée Lucas. Twenty years later, they sold Endeavour to some Americans. The Maritime Trust took charge of it for a time before it was bought by Mr. & Mrs. Amos and Graham Jack. In 1979, they started a six year restoration project.

In the Autumn of 1984, Elizabeth Meyer bought Endeavour and rebuilt it from 1984 to 1989. Builder/refit: Elizabeth Meyer, Calshot Spit, UK, then Royal Huisman Shipyard, Netherlands. Re-launched in May 20th, 1989. Sold in 2001 to L. Dennis Kozlowski.

42" x 30"

Painting Ref: Endeavour



Vigilant - Painting by Brian Mays


Painting by Brian Mays

Designer : Nathanael Greene Herreshoff
Builder : Herreshoff Manufacturing Company
1893: Victorious defender of the eighth America's Cup (1893). Winner over Valkyrie II (GBR).

Vigilant was the first victorious defender designed and built by the ingenious American designer, nicknamed the Wizard of Bristol, Nathanael Greene Herreshoff. Nat Herreshoff repeated this success in 1895, 1899, 1901, 1903 and in 1920.

Vigilant won the 1893 American selection trials for the Cup defence and had beaten Colonia, Jubilee and Pilgrim.

America's Cup races: Sailed October 7 to 13, 1893 in New York
Best three out of five races.
Vigilant vs. Valkyrie II

Alternating courses: the first one, 15 miles to windward off Scotland Lightship and return; the second one, equilateral triangle, 30 miles.

Races: three sailed.

Results: Vigilant beats Valkyrie II by three wins to nil!

42" x 30"

Painting Ref: Vigilant




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